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Got bigger before they shrunk

 This is my 3rd packed, of the small size, i have found that they the Sar-x have got bigger before they shrink but the biggest one on my horses belly has almost gone, Ella Wall

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Bertie is beatng his Sar-x

 Bertie my cob developed 2 Sar-x - one on either side of his sheath - in the winter of 2011/12.  I knew vets did not always sort these out and had read reviews of the Sar-X Power treatment from your company, so i bought the Sar-X Care Pack. I had a major op in March 2012 and lent Bertie to a friend together with the Sar-care pack (spray, cream and supplement).

At the end of June 2012 Bertie came home and my friend reported that one Sar-x (the biggest one) had dried up and dropped off after 2 months treatment and the small
er one was drying up nicely.  We still have some spray and cream which we apply on alternate days but he had finished his supplement (which helps work from the "inside") so I have happily ordered another 3 months' supply.  Hopefully the remaining sar-x will also drop off soon!
One very happy customer



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"Paddy, doing brilliantly thanks to Sar-x Powder"

Name: Tamar Valley Donkey Sanctuary

Your Story: What a wonderful product - power against Sar-x Powder. Paddy one of our rescue donkeys developed Sar-x late last year, one in particular on his sheath was very large and raw. Since using your powder it has shrunk by over 90% and is no longer bleeding and raw, he has also not developed any more. You would never think he had even had sar-x. A BIG THANK YOU from Paddy and his friends.

“4 Days And I Got Immediate Results!”

Name: Sian Wilkinson

Your Story: Since Kadin's episode of Bowel Disease, my horse has suffered from a series of lumps and bumps including Melanomas and, lumps some of which have been surgically removed. These issues had only come about post Bowel Disease. I also found my horse had become quite gaseous and lacked energy for a 5 year old Arab.

Stumbling across adverts in the Riding magazines regarding the Sarcoid Treatment I proceeded with a open view to ring ForestFarmacy. I spoke to Holly with my concerns and she advised me to put Kadin on 6 weeks treatment of "Power Against Sar-x".  My opinion was that £32 was not a lot to lose and if it helped that would be great. I honestly didn't think that the lump would just "drop off" especially in 6 weeks.

How wrong I was--4 days and I saw immediate results. Within 4 weeks the large lump that caused the most problems between my horses back legs, had dropped off. The large unsightly lump below his eye, which had ended his showing career and was a nightmare with flies, proceeded to deflate and has almost healed.

I am confident that with a few more weeks of treatment the lumps will be resolved. I have also found that my horse has more stamina, having just successfully completed a 31km endurance ride, and is less gaseous.

Thank you, you may have saved my horses life in the long run!

“I Can See A Marked Improvement Already!”

Name: Rose O’ Brien

Your story: My 16 year old mare has suffered from lumps for the last 11 years. I have had them removed by the vet but they have always come back stronger than ever. 

She became extremely sensitive around the area and it was nearly impossible to get close to them. I heard about your power against sar-x power and thought it was worth a try.

She has only been on the powder for the last four weeks and I can see a marked improvement already. One of the lumps was particularly unpleasant - it had developed into a growth on a stalk and had started cracking - this has now completely gone, while the others appear slightly smaller.

I can not believe how quickly your powder has had an effect - after years of worrying I feel that I have finally found the solution - not only are the lumps themselves improving but my mare now lets me clean the area without fuss which was unheard of a couple of months ago! 

I will continue to use the powder and not hesitate to recommend it!

“A Small Developing Sar-x Gone!”

Name: Miranda Ben-David

Your Story: After treatment for 2 lump my cobxshire developed more, and I really didn't want to put him through more 'burning' treatment. After seeing an ad for Power Against Sar-x in a free magazine & carefully reading the reviews, I decided to give it a go & I'm so glad I did.

He was on 1 scoop & they weren't disappearing BUT they did stop growing. After getting advice from the Team he went up to 2 scoops.

Within a few weeks; a small developing lump has gone, another has very nearly gone & the last is flatter & smaller (after being quite big & round). If you have any queries or problems their fast to respond & sort it!

“Clear Of Any Further Sar-x”

Name: Jayne Ellis & Phoebe (horse)

Your Story: My 11 year old mare had an aggressive lump last July which was treated with Liverpool cream. It was a dreadful time as the cream burnt away a large area under her belly and she was in a lot of pain and very depressed. It took almost 10 weeks for the treatment to work and for the lump to die and fall off. I was told that it was likely that another would appear so I began to look around for preventative measures.

I decided to try your sarcoid defence powder and I’m happy to report that to date she has been clear of any further lumps and is as fit and well as I have ever seen her.

I am about to order another 3 months supply and will continue to give it to her and hope that she remains lump free forever.
Thank you so very much for this supplement I have recommended your company to all my friends and several are now using your products with equal success. 

Thank you again!

“It Has Now Completely Gone!”

Name: Ruth Mitchell

Your Story: My 7 year old gelding developed a medium sized lump on his belly. I did not want to go down the route of treatment advised by my vet.

I started to feed him the powder 10 weeks ago and it has now completely gone.  His hair has grown back and you would never know it had been there. I am so pleased; I cannot praise the powder enough!

“No Longer Have A Problem!”

Name: Mary Jane Haigh

Your story: Having spent over 700 pounds with the vet to have  lumps removed unsuccessfully, we fed Power Against Sarcoids for 6 months and we no longer have a problem!

It’s a miracle powder, cheaper than the vet, the horse can still work during treatment, and most importantly, it works!

“Well Worth The Money!”

Name: Michelle Barry

Your Story: My horse suffers terrible with sarcs. we tried most products to no avail. Eventually after working with the vet for some months trying different things we decided to have the one on his belly banded and the one on his ear cryogenically frozen off. This was as you can imagine very expensive. A friend at the yard told us of power against sar-x which we decided to give a try. 

It was brilliant and we had no other sarcs appear. We carried on until the powder ran out. he has been off the powder for 3 months and, yep you`ve guessed it.....another lump so we have decided to put him back on this product and keep him on it for at least 6mnths. i know of 2 people that swear by this product and i think its well worth the money. I will keep you posted. 


“It Worked For My Horse… Brilliant!”

Name: Adrian Williams

Your Story: Used Power Against Sar-x after having paid for expensive vet treatments including sarcoff at £130 a minute pot. It came back. Saw the advert for this and have tried it. Simply put....MIRACULOUS......put it in his feed every night and now it has completely gone. Yes completely gone. It was on his sheath so conventional treatments hurt him, but in his food with Power Against Sar-x, no problem...Easy.

I would recommend you to this product unreservedly, because it worked for my horse...Brilliant.

“The Sar-x Had Stopped Growing!”

Name: Helen Roberts

Your Story: Matty has had lumps for 10 years. He's had two lots of 5-Fluro-uracil cream treatment, but at the start of the summer several verrucous lump  started to grow on his ear again and on his stifle. My aim was to avoid further treatment in fly season so I decided to try Power Against Sar-x  in the hope that it might help (and if not a help, would do no harm).

Until then I'd been something of a 'herbal-remedy sceptic', but this powder is truly amazing. Over the first month or so I realised they had stopped growing, which was great. But then, to my utter amazement, they have started to shrink. They haven't gone away completely (yet), maybe they never will, but the fact they aren't growing means that Matty and I can continue to enjoy ourselves and I no longer have that sense of impending doom!

I have only one wish and that's that I'd discovered Power Against Sar-x many years ago - but better late than never!

Thank you so much.

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“Now he is ride-able again!”

Name: Gemma Leach

Your Story: shortly after buying my horse prince, i discovered that he had developed lumps on his girth area. after calling his previous owner to discuss this matter who had explained she had spent over £900 on trying to rid the lumps which where only small at that time i tried a course of blood root ointment which was a course of cream for 3 weeks, this worked on some of the lumps but did however inflame some and make them worse, i then discovered power against sar-x powder, and decided to give it a go. After a40 day course his lump where just areas of fresh skin and now he is ride able again thank you forest farmacy- gemma and prince

"Definitely buying more"

Name: Angie Moore

Your Story: Hi, I have been using power against sar-x for about three months, I didn't think it was working then yesterday the one on her stomach fell off, (I have also written this on your facebook page) I am definitely going to order some more.

"I would recommend this to anyone"

Name: Yvonne Siddall

Your Story: I cannot recommend Power Against Sar-x Highly enough. The treatment has been highly successful with our young intermediate show riding type. He had a lump under the girth which was in an impossible position and also on either side of his sheath. The lump under his girth after the treatment for 5 months has disappeared and the hair is even growing back. The other lumps on his sheath have also disappeared save for one which is also on its way out. The transformation of how they disappear is absolutely fascinating and I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you.

"The powder was like a miracle"

Name: S. Morris

Your Story: we used power against sar-x ,and it was like a miracle. My horse had one on his face about 1to2 inches round. the vet recommended a course of treatment, but we decided against it. We then scoured the internet for information and come across your website ,we decided to try your powder in his feed, and was amazed at the results. The skin healed up and it has not come back.

Thank you

"Stopped the spread of sar-x"

Name: Laura

Your Story: I purchased Power Against Sar-x after my youngster developed some earlier this year. With the Summer flies they began to spread until the point that he had developed twice as many as he originally had.


 The staff  at Organic horse were extremely helpful and supportive and I purchased the supplement along with the Thuja tincture spray and cream. He has the spray on one day and the cream the next, along with the supplement everyday.

He really enjoys the taste of the supplement and has gotten used to the spray and cream. This herbal combination have stopped the spread of the sar-c and reduced the size of the already visible ones too.
I am just about to order my second 100-day supply, to ensure my little boy continues to fight any visible  ones and he doesn't develop anymore.

I am really pleased with the results and would recommend this product to anyone wanting to try something different. The alternative for my gelding was veterinary treatment, and we weren't keen on doing that!

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“The Sar-x Are Crumbling Away!”

Name: Annabelle Studd

Your Story: The vet said treatment for my horse's Sar-x would involve taking samples to find out from a specialist what type of Sar-x they were, then painting on a strong antidote which only the vet could do. This would take at least three visits and he could not guarantee success.. As the sar-x usually grow back. He estimated the cost at £500 for the above treatment.
So I looked on the internet and found your website. I bought two bags of Power against Sar-x. After three months having just finished adding two scoops per day to feeds they are crumbling away. The one next to his ear which was half an inch is gone. The remaining ones have not increased in size. One is half gone Another button sized seems to be on a slim stalk now. A small one under his girth remains the same. I will continue with the Power against Sar-x  as it actually seems to be working. Many thanks.

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