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Here to help your horse nutritionally maintain healthy skin

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Got bigger before they shrunk

i have found that they have got bigger before they reduced in size. But the biggest one on my horses belly has almost gone, Ella Wall

Bertie is beating them

 Bertie my cob developed 2 Sar-x - on on either side of his sheath - in the winter of 2011/12.  I knew vets did not always sort these out and had read reviews of the Sar-X Power treatment from your company, so i bought the Sar-X Care Pack. I had a major op in March 2012 and lent Bertie to a friend together with the Sar-care pack (spray, cream and supplement).

At the end of June 2012 Bertie came home and my friend reported that one Sar-x (the biggest one) had dried up and dropped off after 2 months treatment and the small
er one was drying up nicely.  We still have some spray and cream which we apply on alternate days but he had finished his supplement (which helps work from the "inside") so I have happily ordered another 3 months' supply.  Hopefully the remaining sar-x will also drop off soon!
One very happy customer



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"Paddy, doing brilliantly thanks to Sar-x Powder"

Name: Tamar Valley Donkey Sanctuary

Your Story: What a wonderful product - power against Sar-x Powder. Paddy one of our rescue donkeys had them last year, one in particular on his sheath was very large and raw. Since using your powder it has shrunk by over 90% and is no longer bleeding and raw, he has also not developed any more. You would never think he had even had them. A BIG THANK YOU from Paddy and his friends.

" Gone!”

Name: Miranda Ben-David

Your Story: After seeing an ad for Power Against Sar-x in a free magazine & carefully reading the reviews, I decided to give it a go & I'm so glad I did.

He was on 1 scoop & they weren't disappearing. After getting advice from the Team he went up to 2 scoops.

Within a few weeks;  gone, another has very nearly gone too. If you have any queries or problems their fast to respond & sort it!

“Thank you"

Name: Jayne Ellis & Phoebe (horse)

Your Story: 

Thank you so very much for this supplement, her skin looks so great now, and she is as fit and healthy as i have ever seen her. I have recommended your company to all my friends and several are now using your products with equal success. 

Thank you again!

"Hair has totally grown back"

Name: Ruth Mitchell

Your Story: 

He has been on the  powder for 10 weeks, and it has now completely gone.  His hair has grown back and you would never know it had been there. I am so pleased; I cannot praise the powder enough!

“No Longer a issue"

Name: Mary Jane Haigh

Your story: we no longer have a problem!
The horse can still work, and most importantly, it works!

“Well Worth The Money!”

Name: Michelle Barry

Your Story: My horse suffers terrible. we tried most products to no avail. Eventually after working with the vet for some months trying different things we decided to have the one on his belly banded and the one on his ear cryogenically frozen off. This was as you can imagine very expensive. A friend at the yard told us of sar-x powder which we decided to give a try. 

It was brilliant, he is doing great now, i  know of 2 people that swear by this product and i think its well worth the money. I will keep you posted. 



Name: Adrian Williams

Your Story: .

I would recommend you to this product unreservedly, because it worked for me...Brilliant.

"Wish i had found it sooner"

Name: Helen Roberts

Your Story:  I'd been something of a 'herbal-remedy sceptic', but this powder is truly amazing. It means that Matty and I can continue to enjoy ourselves and I no longer have that sense of impending doom!

I have only one wish and that's that I'd discovered Sar-x many years ago - but better late than never!

Thank you so much.

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“Now he is ride-able again!”

Name: Gemma Leach

Your Story: shortly after buying my horse prince, i discovered that he had developed lumps on his girth area. after calling his previous owner to discuss this matter who had explained she had spent over £900 on trying to rid the lumps which where only small at that time i tried a course of blood root ointment which was a course of cream for 3 weeks, this worked on some of the lumps but did however inflame some and make them worse, i then discovered power against sar-x powder, and decided to give it a go. After a40 day course his lump where just areas of fresh skin and now he is ride able again thank you forest farmacy- gemma and prince

"I would recommend this to anyone"

Name: Yvonne Siddall

Your Story: I cannot recommend Power Against Sar-x Highly enough. The treatmenthas been highly successful with our young intermediate show riding type. He had a lump under the girth which was in an impossible position and also on either side of his sheath. The lump under his girth after the treatment for 5 months has disappeared and the hair is even growing back. The other lumps on his sheath have also disappeared save for one which is also on its way out. The transformation of how they disappear is absolutely fascinating and I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you.

"Extremely happy"

Name: S. Morris

Your Story: We then scoured the internet for information and come across your website ,we decided to try your powder in his feed, and was amazed at the results. it has not come back.

Thank you

"Stopped in its tracks"

Name: Laura

Your Story: With the Summer flies they began to spread until the point that he had developed twice as many as he originally had. 

 The staff  at Organic horse were extremely helpful and supportive and I purchased the supplement along with the Thuja tincture spray and cream. He has the spray on one day and the cream the next, along with the supplement everyday.

He really enjoys the taste of the supplement and has gotten used to the spray and cream.

I am really pleased with the results and would recommend this product to anyone wanting to try something different. 

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