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Here to help your horse nutritionally maintain healthy skin

The #1 organic supplement for your horse

Power against Sar-X - 3 month supply

Power against Sar-X - 3 month supply


Power Against Sar-X 

The natural approach to beating lumps and bumps.

Research has shown that warts, lumps and bumps  thrive on an acidic internal state, so alkalising the body from the inside, makes it harder for them to grow and establish.

Organic horse’s power against Sar-X is an alkalising herbal concentrate containing  Green clay, fenugreek. Turmeric and homeopathic Thuja 12x.

Power against Sar-X  also works on donkeys.


Power against Sar-X helps to:

  • Encourage body to produce an alkaline state
  • Supports the immune system
  • Support bodies natural defenses
  • Helps horses and ponies who suffer from Sarc, lumps and bumps

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