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Here to help your horse nutritionally maintain healthy skin

The #1 organic supplement for your horse

All Natural  Sar-X 6 week supply

All Natural Sar-X 6 week supply

 All Natural Sar-X 

The natural approach to beating sar-x 


All Natural Sar-X is a revolutionary feed supplement consisting of two separate formulations developed to immediately support the system and then provide on a long term basis the essential micronutrients to maintain a healthy horse.

Feed All Natural Sar-x
All Natural Sar-X helps provide a nutritional base, for horses with bumps and blemishes that can be unsightly and unpleasant.

All Natural Sar-X also works on donkeys.


All Natural Sar-x contains:  

Organic Fenugreek : Improves overall condition and bloom for your horse's skin.  It also encourages a healthy digestive system

Organic Turmeric: Curcumin-research has shown much promise in reducing the appearance of blemishes and supporting a healthy immune system.

Organic ground black pepper

Green Clay BP High Grade British Pharmacopoeia
Green Clay :Research at the French CNRS ( Centre National de Recherche Scientifique)  indicates that French Green clays have an ability to bind mycotoxins in the digestive system of animals as well as several bacteria in vitro

Thuja -Soothes and encourages healthy, smooth skin

DIGESTION-EASE™ Probiotics and Enzymes- Our proprietary blend of advanced probiotics and enzymes has been perfected over many years of testing to create the most healthy digestive environment which helps to support healthy skin

OptimalHORSE™ Vitamin and Mineral Mix-Our one-of-a-kind formula contains over 23 vitamins and minerals that have proven absolutely critical for creating a healthy environment in your horse's body from the inside 






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