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Here to help your horse nutritionally maintain healthy skin

The #1 organic supplement for your horse

Sar-X Care Pack

Sar-X Care Pack

The complete sar-x care kit.

The complete kit for horses with Sar-x

  • 3 months supply power against Sar-X herbal powder
  • 1 thuja tincture 100 mls
  • 1thuja cream 150mls

Power Against Sar-X

All natural sar-x is a traditional approach, specifically designed to help support the horse in a complete and natural way. Such issues may be closely related to insect bites and scientists are currently trying to clarify how the situation arises

All natural sar-x helps provide a nutritional base,  supporting the horse with bumps and blemishes that can be unsightly and unpleasant.
Maintaining healthy skin condition
Helping to maintain a healthy coat throughout the seasons by helping to ward off lumps and bumps

-This product is also an effective alkalising agent which helps support the body's natural defences

-Providing nutritional support for the immune system
-Supports digestive health
-Supports the body's ability to protect itself and maintain good circulation and bowel function
-Ensuring that bowel lining is as resilient as possible
-Supporting the liver and its function of detoxing the body

All Natural Sar -X provides the nutritional support to promote alkalising of the body

Uses of All Natural Sar-X
1. To support healthy skin

2. To complement the work of your vet when cream or operations might be required. Always ask your vets permission before use

3. For horses with minor wounds cuts and abrasions

4. To maintain a general strong body defence

It is always advised to continue feeding All Natural Sar-X for at least a couple of months after the skin returns to normal to give additional immune support.

It is always advised to continue feeding all natural sar-x for a couple after any lumps have gone to give additional immune support.

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